Could This Be Another Award Winning Year….

[two_third]The Celebration Roadshow has just been informed that we have, for the second year running, been nominated for the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards! Lucy Morgan, one of our recent brides, put our name forward following a great Wedding Reception at Old Down Manor earlier this year. Naturally we are thrilled once again. Now we shall be inviting our other satisfied bride and grooms to help vote us into the regional final this autumn.

Lucy had this to say, “We had the absolute BEST day. You and Gav played some awesome tunes. Didn’t think i’d be dancing to Bewitched and Five, but loved every minute. Dying in Your Arms Tonight was one of the groomsmen fav and they haven’t stopped talking about it! You pitched it perfectly. My cousin facebooked “you know when it’s been a good wedding when your feet ache from dancing all night”. I managed to somehow dance solidly and not actually speak to any guests after about 9pm. Whoops!”

Thank you Lucy & Ben!


If you’re a bride, or groom, and have had the pleasure of our services (between November 2012 and October this year) and would like to vote for us, you’ll find our details here and an on-line voting form here.[/two_third]