Got Engaged during the Holidays? What You Need to Do Next

Got Engaged during the Holidays? What You Need to Do Next

As you enjoyed a romantic moment together on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or maybe New Years Day, your best friend and soul mate popped the magic question! It’s a moment that you’ll never forget, one of lifes milestones. Of course you said “yes!” Many congratulations. While the excitement of spending your futures together is fun, amazing and breathe taking, there’s a few things you need to do next. Worry not, they can be made fun and enjoyable, rather than a boring task list, for both you and your fiancé!

1. Call your parents and relatives. If your parents were not aware of the proposal, before heading over to Facebook and changing your status to engaged, or Tweeting to all of your followers, it is best to call your close family and friends and tell them over the phone or even better, face-to-face.

2. Have your engagement ring sized and insured. Your fiancé might have guessed on the ring size so it might require a little adjusting to fit your finger properly. Since you will want to show off your new ring, make sure your fiancé already had it appraised and insured.

3. Schedule an appointment to have your hands manicured. Since everyone will be checking out the new fancy ring on your finger, you want your hands to also look their best! Plus, it can be fun to get both a manicure and pedicure with your partner.

4. Savour this special time. Just because you got engaged, does not mean you are heading off to the wedding chapel next week. Enjoy your engagement and the romance of being able to spend the rest of your lives together, before jumping into pre-wedding planning mode.

5. Have fun dreaming about your wedding with your special guy. Find time where you can both sit down and start sharing your wedding fantasies – even guys have them, while not necessarily the whole fairytale dream – most have some idea of what they would like as they take the next step in their relationships and tie the knot.

6. Start thinking about your Wedding entertainment and music. Some people may tell you not to worry about this until nearer the big day, but your preferred theme, style or entertainment requirements may influence more than just the evening party, so why not enlist the help of a professional from the start? After all, a well coordinated approach to your entertainment will have your guests really excited about your wedding day, well before it arrives.

7. Select the season you want to get married. After meeting with your wedding entertainment specialist and finding out more about weddings held at different times of the year, narrow down which one sounds the most exciting for the both of you. For instance, a fun ‘festival’ style wedding may work really well during the sunny summer months, but not so well in the winter.

8. Work with your wedding entertainment specialist to work out the finer details. From selecting the best dance floor fillers to choosing the right mix of ice-breaking entertainment, your wedding entertainment specialist will get to know you, nurture and transform your idea into a celebration unlike any you have seen before! They will home in on your personal style, making a connection with you, so they can fuse it with their expertise and passion for weddings.

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